Data Engineer-Python, PL/SQL

at The Jupiter Group
Published February 10, 2024
Location Houston, TX
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


The ideal candidate for this role should possess the following qualifications and experience:

1. **Proficiency in Python**: Demonstrated expertise in Python programming language, including proficiency in writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

2. **PL/SQL Development with Oracle 19**: Recent hands-on experience in PL/SQL development, particularly with Oracle Database version 19 or similar.

3. **Knowledge of Tools**: Must have practical experience with tools like Airflow for workflow automation and Git for version control.

4. **Python Coding and REST API Development**: Strong background in Python coding along with experience in developing RESTful APIs.

5. **Additional Skills (Preferred)**:
- Experience with microservices architecture, Docker, and Kubernetes would be advantageous.
- Familiarity with accounting and financial data systems is a plus.

6. **Communication Skills**: Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for effectively conveying technical concepts and collaborating with team members.

Overall, the candidate should have a solid technical foundation in Python development and PL/SQL, along with experience using relevant tools and technologies in a professional setting. Additionally, familiarity with microservices, containerization, and financial data systems would be beneficial for this role. Strong communication skills are also crucial for effective collaboration within the team.

**Must be willing to take a Python and PL/SQL Assessment

Data Engineer-Python, PL/SQL

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